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Specialist of pipe processing machine It bends, it expands completely, and it measures it.

Chiyoda Kogyo's unique tube formation technologies are used in every kind of industry. As a comprehensive tube bending system maker, we lead the industry in innovative technologies and global business development.


Our lineup of machines that do not limit tube materials and sizes allow formation of tubes with external diameters between 2 and 216 mm in round, square or special shapes at any thickness or angle. Compound bending is also possible with our compound R bending, close bending, 3-dimensional R bending, and nut-end tube bending equipment.


We have made diverse tube end formation, including spinning, pipe expanding, swaging, beading and drilling possible. Our products range from tube-end contraction, closing and other high-speed precision formation equipment, to large spinning machines for formation of large diameter automobile mufflers, metal building materials and other parts.


Tube levelers, tension rails and coil stands provide superior coil material angles, so the cutting surfaces of copper, aluminum, brass, steel, PVC and many other materials can be beautifully finished. Systemized simultaneous cutting and bending of tubes is also possible.


3-dimensional measuring machines and graphic software make checking tube shape precision and simulated bending of sample materials easy. Our tube and pipe formation support systems are receiving high praise in diverse industries.